Kevin Roberts appointed Chairman of fast-growing My Food Bag

Global business leader Kevin Roberts become chairman of My Food Bag, a 2013 New Zealand start-up that delivers gourmet recipes and fresh pre-measured ingredients to the homes of 15000 customers in New Zealand, Sydney and Melbourne.

My Food Bag is part of the rapidly-growing global just-in-time food delivery service sector, and of a wider transformational movement occurring around how food is produced and distributed that is attracting significant global investment.

Saatchi & Saatchi’s executive chairman first learned about My Food Bag as a customer, ordering one if its gourmet grocery boxes during a trip to New Zealand.

“It’s a product I love, in a country I adore, with people I like,” Roberts told The Australian Financial Review. “I think it’s right at the zeitgeist or cutting edge of what’s happening in food – this is going to grow like crazy.”

He believes home-delivered grocery services such as My Food Bag will eventually become as mainstream as Amazon and iTunes because they appeal to time-poor professionals and busy families.

“Cooking is the new creativity,” he said.

Kevin Roberts will sit on the board alongside founder Cecilia Robinson, head chef Nadia Lim and business leader Theresa Gattung, the former chief executive of Telecom New Zealand (now Spark). Roberts and Gattung first met working on Telecom advertising. Roberts has also become an equity investor in the company.

Founded by Ms Robinson and Ms Gattung in 2013, My Food Bag generated over NZ$40 million in annual revenues within two years.

“At this threshold moment of expansion we’re excited to welcome Kevin as Chairman,” said Theresa Gattung. “Kevin’s acumen in global business, brand-building and the food industry itself bring a formidable leadership gear as we go to the next level in this fast-expanding category.”

Article Source: Australian Financial Review, Sue Mitchell, March 08, 2015

Image Source: Juan Carrera

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