Jess Cornelius Releases New Track Ahead of Courtney Barnett Tour

“New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Jess Cornelius is the tour de force behind Teeth & Tongue, and returns with a rollicking new track ‘Cupcake’,” Monica Tan writes for the Guardian’s weekly “Mixtape” column.

“Although recorded in her adopted home city, the song has a touch of Icelandic frosting. ‘The recording needed vocals and a few extra bits,’ said Cornelius in her press bumph, ‘but by that point I was in Skagastrond [in Iceland] surrounded by miles of ice and snow.’

“Cornelius didn’t have a recording studio there, so she says she did a call-out to local villagers for foam and cardboard, and managed to build ‘a really ugly-looking vocal booth, then took over the residency assistant’s office for a few days to track the vocals and synths”. The final product has instant-classic potential. Catch Cornelius supporting Courtney Barnett for an Australian tour throughout May.”

Original article by Monica Tan, The Guardian, April 22, 2015.

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