He takes the long road

Originally from Takaka, Ewan Kingston has been travelling from the UK to New Zealand by any means possible save for flying since mid-28, posting his adventures on the Ecologist site, the world’s leading environmental affairs magazine. Flying as little as possible on a limited budget, Kingston most recently took a ferry from China to Japan, “unsure if he’s taken the most eco-friendly option”. Kingston writes: “I’ve made it from the middle of England to the middle of China without getting in one of those flying metal things. But how could I just trundle through China, closer than I’ve ever been to the home of another of the world’s major civilisations? Seriously, the uncertainty about CO2 emissions from ferries and the physical distance of the trip meant it was a hard decision to make. In the end I took the ferry rather than a plane largely out of principle – to demonstrate that there’s a market for slow travel, and because I believe that the journey can always be as rich and wonderful as the destination.”

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