Geoff Walker a Helping Hand in Uganda

Photographer Geoff Walker left New Zealand to escape the haunting memory of witnessing the 2012 Carterton balloon tragedy, and found a new purpose for life in humanitarian work in Uganda, Mariné Lourens reports for Stuff. Now he is helping in the landlocked East African nation’s battle to contain coronavirus.

Walker lives in Gulu, the major city centre in Uganda’s northern region, where he is taking part in efforts by the local Lions Club to assist vulnerable Ugandans, Lourens writes for the news site.

The club has helped set up shelters for young homeless people and at-risk women, and is also raising funds to provide transport for staff and patients at Gulu Hospital. Walker is involved too with efforts to support people with albinism.

The low rate of COVID-19 infection in the country is thought to be due to relatively low rates of international travel. However, if cases in Uganda were to skyrocket, it would be catastrophic, Walker says.

“There is an enormous lack of medical resources over here. There are only 55 ICU beds in the whole country. If coronavirus gets out of hand, it is going to be really serious,” he says.

Walker’s humanitarian work is not structured or limited to one area of help or expertise. For Walker helping his community is a way of life.

Original article by Mariné Lourens, Stuff, May 3, 2020.

Photo by Geoff Walker.

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