GAIT’s Saurav Bansal Using AI in Real-Time Carbon Measurement

New start-up GAIT Global claims its technology, using artificial intelligence and spatial data, is the only real-time measure of carbon in the atmosphere and will help catalyse the world’s efforts in combating climate change. Founder and CEO, New Zealander Saurav Bansal, speaks to The Sydney Morning Herald about combining atmospheric sensors and spatial data from satellites with a proprietary artificial intelligence engine to provide constant monitoring of greenhouses gases in the atmosphere.

“There’s currently still a huge reliance on physical sampling, whether it’s through a shovel, and taking the soil samples back to a lab, or actual measuring tape. It’s very rudimentary technology [that is] being used,” Bansal said.

“What we did is we took sensors, we took the science, and we built an artificial intelligence and machine learning engine.”

Sydney-based Bansal, who previously worked at US cloud computing company VMware, and was chief marketing officer at tech non-profit Develop for Good, said the idea for GAIT (which stands for green artificial intelligence technology) came from a desire to use technology to catalyse the world’s efforts in combating climate change.

Original article by Tim Biggs, The Sydney Morning Herald, April 12, 2022.

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