Fiji-NZ Trade Benefits Both Countries

New Zealand exports more than $300 million worth of goods to Fiji. This is more than New Zealand exports to Russia or South Africa. And Fiji can benefit from programs focused on expanding the range of Pacific fresh produce exported to New Zealand, New Zealand Trade Commissioner Peter Lund said to the Fiji Times. ‘Fiji is an important market’, Lund said. ‘We are very pleased to see some good things happening on the reverse side like export of biscuits from Fiji to New Zealand.’ Lund also noted the ‘strong growth’ in apparel and fresh produce exports from Fiji to New Zealand. He told the Times that New Zealand was the second source of tourists into the country after Australia. Lund said that greater co-operation from quarantine authorities on product access requirements products would strengthen trade between the two countries. ‘New Zealand and Fiji are a good fit for each other and if you add services to the mix and tourism on Fiji’s side, you really do see an extensive commercial and economic linkage,’ Lund told the Times.



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