All Aboard Fiji’s Unique Ecotrax Bikes

“Where else can you jump on a tandem electric bike mounted on an abandoned railway and pedal through scapes of lush tropical bush, alongside gorgeous turquoise waters, through villages lined with friendly locals en route to an empty beach that resembles a Windows screensaver?” Stephen Foote writes for Newshub. In Fiji, at Ecotrax, the brainchild of New Zealanders Mandy and Howie De Vries.

“Back in 2015, the couple were in Fiji to roll out the photo system they used to install for tourism ventures. They’d also sent over a haul of old bikes from New Zealand to donate to locals, and it was while Howie taught some of the teenage kids there how to assemble and maintain them that he noticed the abandoned tram tracks that ran in front of the village,” Foote reports.

“A spot on one of the bikes has become a highly sought after commodity and after a day out on the tramlines, it’s easy to see why.”

Original article by Stephen Foote, Newshub, May 13, 2023.

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