Endangered Kea Image a Shot of the 2000s

Photographers working for UK newspapers The Guardian and The Observer pick their favourite moments from over two decades reporting around the world. A fleeting moment, captured by Murdo MacLeod, in the South Island features.

“The endangered kea shown in [this] photograph is the world’s only alpine parrot, and one of the most intelligent birds,” The Guardian reports. “They show no fear of humans and are thieves and pranksters. One of the places they live is at the foot of Mount Larkin in the Whakaari conservation area [in the] South Island, an area rich in historic huts and mining relics, and surrounded by stunning mountains. There are grand views towards Mount Tutoko and Mount Earnslaw (also known by its Māori name of Pikirakatahi ) Lake Wakatipu, the Dart River and the Humboldt mountains.”

There is an estimated population of between 3000 and 7000 kea.

The kea was crowned New Zealand’s Bird of the Year in 2017.

Original article by The Guardian, April 18, 2020.

Photo by Murdo MacLeod.

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