Eclecticism for Finns

The one-woman band Annabel Alpers aka Bachelorette stopped off in Helsinki, Finland as part of her European tour playing at the city’s Club YK. The Helsinki Times wrote: “The live music scene of Helsinki will be treated to yet another interesting performance hailing all the way from New Zealand. In the beginning of September the dream-pop-trio The Ruby Suns enlightened the music life of the capital with their presence and now Bachelorette brings her unique electro-pop tunes to town. The sound of Bachelorette is hard to pin down to just one genre as her music flows from soulful psychedelic pop songs and dreamlike tunes to electro dance grooves. Her instrumental choices vary from a collection of vintage synthesisers and drum machines to real drums, bass and guitars with which she creates a unique sound, all of her own.”

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