Daniel Kereopa Wins the Ultimate Waterman Crown

New Zealander Daniel Kereopa has been crowned the inaugural Ultimate Waterman this Saturday, 21st March, toppling seven international athletes to claim the title.

The kiwi went into the final day of The Ultimate Waterman driven by Subaru with a minimal points lead over Kai Lenny (Hawaii).

“Daniel has risen to the top, he is the ultimate waterman and to see his emotions winning in his home country in front of family and friends is probably a dream come true for him,” said Lenny.

Kereopa’s Ultimate Waterman journey started with losses to Lenny in the waka ama and shortboard surfing, but he got a huge boost when he eclipsed Lenny in his double whammy discipline of stand up paddleboard surfing.

“Up on stage I realised how many years I’ve put into surfing and paddling, all the hours (…), not spending time with my family (…), I am thankful I remembered that on stage because without them I have nothing” said Kereopa on stage in Mission Bay.

Article Source: Wake, Wind & Surf, Anna/WWS, March 22, 2015.

Image Source: wakewindandsurf.com

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