Chef Vaughan Mabee Globally-Recognised

In a ground-breaking moment for New Zealand’s culinary scene, Amisfield’s executive chef and MasterChef NZ judge Vaughan Mabee, has secured the 44th position in the prestigious Top 100 Best Chef Awards.

The Top 100 Best Chef Awards serve as a celebration of culinary mastery on an international scale, showcasing the most outstanding talents in the industry, Mindfood reports.

Mabee’s inclusion in this illustrious lineup underscores his exceptional contributions in bringing the unique flavours of New Zealand gastronomy to the forefront of the global culinary stage, the magazine reports.

Simon Toneycliffe, Amisfield CEO, expresses his delight at the recognition of Vaughan Mabee’s talent. Toneycliffe says, “It is truly remarkable that a winery restaurant can realise this level of recognition, and we are beyond delighted.”

Original article by Mindfood, November 24, 2023.

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