The Caker Jordan Rondel Looks to the Metaverse

“Lobster was once served exclusively in jails and oysters were shunned by all but the poorest class. Fast forward a hundred years and lobster and oysters are among the most revered delicacies for the upper crust. Now [New Zealand-born] Jordan Rondel, also known as The Caker, is working to elevate the oft-disparaged box cake mix into the realm of fine dining,” Devon Preston writes in an article published by Inked magazine.

“‘Our fresh cakes are our couture and the cake mixes are ready-to-wear,’ Rondel, 31, says. ‘With any brand that has an expensive, harder to access sector, you need the ready-to-wear to actually make any money.’

“Rondel’s business has taken some unexpected turns, but everything has worked out the way it was meant to be. Her cake mixes are booming, she has an upcoming collaboration with Chrissy Teigen coming out at the end of this year. She found a place where she won’t have to jump through any bureaucratic hoops or pay exorbitant rent – the Metaverse.”

Original article by Devon Preston, Inked, September 3, 2022.

Photo by Meredith Devine.

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