Brewer Mark Hatherly’s Ale Wins Bronze in London

New Zealand brewer Mark Hatherly, who lives in Luxembourg, has received positive recognition for his first beer, Red Bridge amber ale, after winning bronze at the London 2015 International Beer Challenge in the ales category.

The tipple is among four designed by Hatherly.

“I’m gratified, that’s for sure. It’s very nice to have that in the pocket,” the brewer said, adding: “I knew that it was a good beer and people have been saying nothing but good things but I didn’t expect this.”

Hatherly, who has been homebrewing since he was a student, launched Capital City Brewing in Luxembourg this year.

He came up with four recipes, which he named after Luxembourg features and characters: the Red Bridge, an amber ale, Golden Lady, a pilsner, Satellite IPA, named after Luxembourg’s satellite industry and Black Jack, a porter named after General Pershing, who led US troops into Luxembourg City in November 1918.

Hatherly, who has lived in Luxembourg for the past 13 years, is currently seeking a permanent site to build a brewery.

Original article by Luxemburger Wort, August 18, 2015.

Photo by Lex Kleren.

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