Branding Expert Oksana Tashakova Making Her Mark

New Zealand branding expert Oksana Tashakova, 35, is the founder and managing director of Wealth Dynamics Unlimited, a training, events and e-learning company focusing on entrepreneurship.

Tashakova has just run the second annual Millionaire Summit in Dubai, where some 550 wealth-seeking attendees learnt about generating second incomes and part-time businesses, making money on the stock markets, the psychology of buying and selling and, of course, personal branding.

Tashakova certainly has a strong personal brand herself. She left Ukraine at 18, unable to speak English, and moved to New Zealand, getting a degree in accounting and finance and becoming a marketing manager. She set up a $2.5 million property investment company at the age of 23 – then lost it and nearly went bankrupt three years later.

She then became a practitioner of neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy, moved to Dubai in 2009, founding the coaching firms Design Life Coach a year later and Executive Coach, for business leaders, in 2013. Wealth Dynamics Unlimited was established two years ago; the multitasking Tashakova also consults as a business start-up strategist.

“The most important part of personal branding is taking self-inventory,” Tashakova says. “You often have to dig deep to get to the real you. Once you understand the unique constellation of characteristics that make you, you can begin amplifying your most important attributes. Manage your brand online and in real time, making sure that all you do build your brand.”

Original article by Suzanne Locke, The National, June 1, 2016.

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