Adam Andrews Adding Colour to London’s Bagels

“From beetroot bagels to green galettes, bread is brightening up [in London],” says the Evening Standard’s Phoebe Luckhurst, “and it all started started in Maltby Street Market – one of several open-air food hubs which serve as bellwethers for the direction of the capital’s cuisine – and specifically at Little Ghost Bagels, run by New Zealander Adam Andrews.

“[Andrews’] range of Asian-inspired bagels includes, crucially, bright pink ones. They come in several incarnations – sometimes purely pink, at others pink and charcoal – but the bright hue is always achieved using beetroot,” Luckhurst writes.

“Many of his bagels are inspired by his homeland. For Waitangi Day, he created a braised beef shin burger that is a ‘take on the kiwi burger – a classic in every fish and chip shop in New Zealand’. This included beef, pickled beetroot, pineapple and chilli chutney, a fried egg, kewpie mayonnaise and crispy shallots, served inside a beetroot bagel.

“The rest of the time [Andrews] fills his beetroot bagels with other meat and vegan options. ‘I stick to a basis of sweet, spicy, salty and crunchy,’ he says. ‘My vegan option is beetroot, potato and coconut curry with roast peanuts, mint, coriander and pickled beetroot. My meat option is ssamjang roasted pork belly with pineapple kimchi.’”

Original article by Phoebe Luckhurst, London Evening Standard, March 22, 2017.

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