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Film & TV | Guardian (The)
08 November 2021
What’s On Thomasin McKenzie’s Cultural Radar?
Wellington-born actor Thomasin McKenzie, who plays the lead in Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho, is interviewed for The Observer’s regular column, ‘On my radar’, one person’s snapshot of their current cultural life.

Acting since the age of nine,…

Opera | Guardian (The)
11 November 2021
Wagner’s Ring Cycle Gets Bold Samoan Rework
Here is an insane undertaking: a small London-based arts collective, Gafa, run by singers of Samoan heritage, putting on a complete Ring cycle – four vast operas,…
Design | Sydney Morning Herald (The)
07 November 2021
Karen Walker Divulges Most Creative Partnership
New Zealand fashion designer Karen Walker, 51, discusses her upbringing, career and the men who have influenced her, with The Sydney Morning Herald.


New Zealand | BBC
06 November 2021
Fabled Terraces the Birthplace of NZ Tourism
“Although New Zealand’s Pink and White Terraces were destroyed in a volcanic eruption in 1886, travellers can still explore this bubbling, boiling landscape…
Politics and Economics | Financial Times
05 November 2021
UK Reaches Agreement on New Zealand Trade Deal
The UK has brokered a trade agreement with New Zealand that will cut tariffs on clothing, buses and wine, and, it hopes, lay a foundation for joining a…
Cricket | Guardian (The)
04 November 2021
Cricketing Pioneer Grace Gooder an Unsung Hero
Auckland-born Grace Gooder took six English wickets in one innings, yet was never picked for New Zealand again. Instead, she became a psychiatric nurse and spent…
Fashion | Grazia
03 November 2021
Adele Is Back and so Is Michael Ashton’s Trademark
Hamilton-born makeup artist Michael Ashton, 39, has admitted in a new interview with the New York Post’s Page Six Style, that he never thought…
Te Ao Maori | New York Times (The)
02 November 2021
Revitalising Te Reo Māori Via Music
When musician and producer Dame Hinewehi Mohi, one of the primary engines behind the musical Māori revival, performed the New Zealand national anthem at the 1999 Rugby World Cup in Māori…
Te Ao Maori | AFAR
01 November 2021
Rēnata West Searches US for Spirit of His Ancestors
When Rēnata West moved from New Zealand to the US in 2016, he discovered something unexpected: the path of his great grandmother, who had…
Te Ao Maori | ABC Radio National
30 October 2021
How the Motunui Epa Returned to Rightful Owners
Throughout its reign, the British Empire stole a lot of stuff, Marc Fennell and Simon Leo Brown report for ABC Radio National. Stuff the British Stole podcast…
Music | NME
29 October 2021
Riverdale Heartthrob KJ Apa Releases Debut Album
KJ Apa’s new album Clocks, is a “folky collection that shows off his flair for breezy affairs and seriously impressive guitar skills”, Nick Levine…
Film & TV | Variety Magazine
28 October 2021
Film Pioneer Jane Campion Still Ahead of Her Time
“When French filmmaker Julia Ducournau took the Palme d’Or at Cannes this year for Titane, her wild explosion of body horror and gender politics,…
Art | National Geographic
06 November 2001
Tattoo Culture
Renowned photographer Chris Rainier travels to New Zealand for his latest project on the culture of tattooing and scarification. Rainer features…
Business | Cooking Down Under
03 November 2006
Top Shelf
NZ’s 42 Below vodka has been named Cocktail Spirit of the Year for the second time in a row at the 2006 Australian Liquor Industry Awards (ALIA) in Sydney. “42 Below has made a large impact in the Australian…
Architecture | CNN News
07 November 2011
Reflective Energy Efficiency
Auckland’s “sleek” New Zealand Insurance Centre is “one of the city’s most eye-catching and sustainable buildings utilizing energy efficient technology” according to CNN. “Situated on a…
Economics | Daily Mail
04 November 2016
Economy Milks Clamour for Middle Earth
Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit series have proved to be as precious to New Zealand’s economy as any magical ring with millions flocking to the country for a…
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