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Society | New York Times (The)
25 November 2020
Nanaia Mahuta “blazes new trails” as New Zealand’s foreign minister
Nanaia Mahuta entered New Zealand’s Parliament as the youngest Maori woman to ever gain a seat. More than two decades later, she has become the country’s minister of foreign affairs, another trailblazing first.

Ms Mahuta is emblematic of what Damien Cave,…

Politics and Economics | Eudaimonia and Co
26 November 2020
New Zealand emerges as global leader and “beacon of light” in era of Covid-19
In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, New Zealand has…
News | Homepaddock
26 November 2020
“Made with Care” showcases New Zealand’s food and beverage on world stage
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) has launched a new…
Nature | Washington Post (The)
25 November 2020
Kākāpō Claims 2020 Bird of the Year Victory
The esteemed kākāpō has soared past its competition to claim victory in New Zealand’s Bird of the Year contest, a tense race marked by attempted voter…
Politics and Economics | Financial Times
15 November 2020
New Zealand Inc Reaps Benefit of Lockdown Response
When Covid-19 struck New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern’s government quickly closed the nation’s borders and imposed one of the world’s strictest…
Science/Tech | Forbes
25 November 2020
Rocket Lab Welcomes Electron Back to Earth
In a major milestone, the New Zealand-based launch company Rocket Lab has successfully recovered an orbital-class rocket after parachuting it back to Earth from near-space…
Obituaries | Hollywood Reporter
18 November 2020
Bill Gosden Lived and Breathed Film
Bill Gosden, who served as director of the New Zealand International Film Festival for nearly 40 years, has died in Wellington. He was 66. Mike Barnes looks back on Gosden’s illustrious…
Politics and Economics | Economist (The)
13 November 2020
Economist Writes on Our “Islands of Liberality”
“More notable than the appearance of [Jacinda] Ardern’s cabinet is how voters answered one question on their ballot paper: should New Zealand…
Business | Forbes
23 November 2020
The Caker’s Rondel Sisters Take Baking Kits to US
Boxed cake mixes don’t have the most glamorous reputation, and that’s precisely why Jordan and Anouk Rondel think The Caker stands out. The…
Politics and Economics | New York Times (The)
22 November 2020
Gender Pay Equity an Experiment for an Entire Society
“New Zealand is pursuing a century-old idea to close the gender pay gap: not equal pay for equal work, but equal pay for work of equal…
New Zealand | CNN
21 November 2020
Chatham Islands Hot Ticket for Travel-Starved
“The coronavirus pandemic has decimated the travel industry,” Lilit Marcus writes for CNN, “But there’s one place on the planet where there are too many…
Obituaries | Guardian (The)
26 November 2020
Haere Rā Midnight Oil Bassist Bones Hillman
Midnight Oil’s bassist and backing vocalist, New Zealand-born Bones (Wayne) Hillman has died in Milwaukee in the US at the age of 62.

His fellow band members said they were “grieving the loss…

General | TimeOut
19 November 2020
Auckland on World’s Best Covid-era Cities List
Auckland is among the top 100 cities in the world to live in or visit during the Covid-19 era, according to a new Resonance Consultancy global…
Motorsports | Formula 1
26 November 2020
Lewis Hamilton’s Physio Sidekick is Angela Cullen
Across a race weekend, New Zealand-born Switzerland-based physiotherapist Angela Cullen is a near-constant presence at the side of her harge Lewis…
Music | NME
20 November 2020
Benee’s Debut Out Featuring UK Pop Royalty
Grimes and Lily Allen feature on Auckland pop sensation Benee’s debut album, Hey u x, and she’s just played one of the post-Covid era’s first arena shows. The…
General | New York Times (The)
23 November 2020
Kai Ika Model for Reducing Hunger and Food Waste
Papatūānuku Kōkiri Marae has been distributing two tons of fish a week – the parts often discarded in commercial and recreational fishing – to…
Music | Louder
17 November 2020
Oamaru Rock Capital of the Universe
“It’s the kind of town where the public toilets remain open after dusk without being vandalised, and where the grand width of the rather beautiful main street is a reminder of busier days….
Film & TV | Guardian (The)
16 November 2020
Rocky Horror Creator Richard O’Brien Interviewed
New Zealand-raised Richard O’Brien, the creator of the cult Rocky Horror Picture Show is not going quietly into his 70s. O’Brien, who lives with…
Science/Tech | Medium
14 November 2020
Soul Machines’ AI Florence Helps Smokers Quit
With smokers at great risk of Covid-19 complications, Auckland-based Soul Machines, leaders in artificial general intelligence (AGI), and the World Health…
New Zealand | Daily Positive
18 November 2015
New Zealand Ranked Eight Most Positive Country
New Zealand has been ranked the eighth most positive country for 2015 in a global index published by Daily Positive.

“New Zealand announced the creation of a 620,000…

Architecture | World Interior Design Network
16 November 2010
Structural winnings
The Supreme Court of New Zealand in Wellington, designed by New Zealand-based Warren & Mahoney and completed in 29, has won the Institution of Structural…
Business | Baltimore Sun
23 November 2005
New Take on an Extraordinary Figure
An Extraordinary Life, a new authorized biography by art curator Alexa Johnston, has been well received both at home and abroad. According to Johnston, speaking in the Sunday Star Times,…
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