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Max Gilmblett
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Agriculture | The National Provisioner
09 September 2020
New Zealand a food producer of global scale
New Zealand’s credentials as a global food and meat producer are highlighted in an op-ed in leading U.S. trade publication The National Provisioner by Matt Luxton, Director of Sales, USA at Silver Fern Farms.

New Zealand exports a variety of food products, making…

General | Vanity Fair
28 September 2020
Chur, Russell Crowe Educates Vanity Fair Readers
From “bugger all” to “jandals”, Wellington-born actor Russell Crowe, 56, star of Unhinged, takes Vanity Fair readers through some “sweet as”…
Politics and Economics | Politico
01 October 2020
OECD Nominee Liddell Helms White House Transition Planning
Whoever wins the U.S. Presidential race – Trump or Biden – New Zealand-born Chris Liddell will be holding the keys to the…
Education | Prospect
01 October 2020
PM Jacinda Ardern Runner Up in Prospect List
The votes have been counted and the results are in. UK magazine Prospect’s top 10 is full of practical-minded thinkers for the Covid-19 age – and New Zealand Prime…
Visual Arts | Hosfelt Gallery
10 September 2020
Max Gimblett Shows Juggernaut in San Francisco
San Francisco’s prestigious Hosfelt Gallery presents a solo exhibition of work by the esteemed 84 year-old painter, calligrapher, and Rinzai Zen monk Max…
Fashion | Financial Times
02 October 2020
Jessica McCormack and Emilia Wickstead Join Forces
“Reality is bleak,” Jessica McCormack tells Financial Times fashion features editor Jessica Beresford, “so we all need some escapism,…
Science/Tech | Business Insider
30 September 2020
Digital Human Creator Uneeq Shares Its Tricks
Auckland start-up UneeQ, that counts Salesforce’s former head of AI Richard Socher as an investor, has a new tool that aims to make building virtual humans to…
Politics and Economics | Week (The)
29 September 2020
Labour’s Priyanca Radhakrishnan Proud of Roots
In an exclusive interview with Indian news magazine, The Week, Labour list MP Priyanca Radhakrishnan, 41, talks about how the New Zealand Government is…
Film & TV | Variety Magazine
26 September 2020
Roseanne Liang’s Shadow in the Cloud a Blast
“Imagine how Ripley of Alien would handle a Nightmare at 20,000 Feet-style gremlin attack. Sound wild? Roseanne Liang’s female empowerment thriller delivers…
Science/Tech | New York Times (The)
25 September 2020
Search for Life on Venus Could Begin at Rocket Lab
New Zealand-founded company Rocket Lab may be able to send a small spacecraft to probe the clouds of Venus long before NASA or other space agencies…
Business | Grazia
23 September 2020
Meet Monday Haircare’s Jamie Lupton
Jaimee Lupton took the beauty world by storm with the launch of Monday Haircare, which sold out from Australian supermarket Coles within days, with the stockist having to put a purchase…
Film & TV | Exclaim!
22 September 2020
Underplayed Doco Stacey’s Lee’s Homage to Women
Electronic music documentary Underplayed is the feature debut of New Zealand-born director Stacey Lee, who has been shortlisted for the Cannes…
General | Australian Financial Review (The)
21 September 2020
Tony Blakely Advocate for COVID Elimination
The professorial fellow at Melbourne University’s School of Population and Global Health, New Zealander Tony Blakely has become one of the go-to epidemiologists for the…
Lucy Tupu
Music | BBC
20 September 2020
TikTok Opens up a New Music World for Jawsh 685
TikTok has only been part of our lives for two years, but it’s already had a massive impact on the music business, the BBC reports. South Auckland producer…
Film & TV | Guardian (The)
19 September 2020
Savage is a Moving Street-Gang Saga
“A pulse of vulnerability beats at the heart of Sam Kelly’s outwardly imposing but unexpectedly touching debut feature, Savage,” Phil Hoad writes in a review of the film for The Guardian….
Architecture | Architectural Digest
18 September 2020
Inside Anna Paquin’s LA Driftwood Home
The story of New Zealander Anna Paquin and husband American Stephen Moyer’s Venice Beach home is one of ultimate artistic license. With their selections of architect, interior…
Music | Middle East Eye
17 September 2020
How the Iraq Uprising Inspired Singer Yasamin
Three months before the start of Iraq’s October protests last year, almost 10,000 miles away in Auckland, “artivist” Yasamin began binge-watching an Iraqi…
Business | Sydney Morning Herald (The)
16 September 2020
Gary Rohloff’s BNPL Outfit Laybuy Soars on ASX
New Zealand-based buy now, pay later (BNPL) outfit Laybuy pulled off a stellar landing on the Australian Securities Exchange, with its shares shooting up…
General | Business Standard (The)
24 September 2020
Queenstown Looks to Alternative Revenue
As the Covid-19 pandemic closes borders and grounds aircraft around the world, iconic destinations from Kyoto to Amsterdam are addressing the new reality of fewer…
Film & TV | Bustle
10 September 2020
Wheel Of Time Star Zöe Robins Profiled
Amazon Prime’s epic adaptation of The Wheel Of Time is based in an alternate world where magic exists, but only certain women are permitted to use it. One of those women, Nynaeve,…
Film & TV | Screen Rant
09 September 2020
Eco Challenge Racer Nathan Fa’avae Wins For NZ
Nelson-based adventure racer Nathan Fa’avae, 48, who led the New Zealand team on to win the World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji, is profiled by…
Politics and Economics | Fortune
09 September 2020
Chlöe Swarbrick Makes Fortune’s 40-Under-40 List
In a year of “monumental challenges and change”, Fortune magazine has released its 40 Under 40 lists for 2020, the Government and Politics…
War & Peace | Business Insider
09 September 2020
SAS One of Top Special Ops Forces in the World
Special operations forces have become some of the most prominent and active military units in the world, Stavros Atlamazogkou writes for Business Insider. US…
General | Spinoff (The)
08 September 2020
Staggering Potential of NZ’s Returning Diaspora
International strategist and insights specialist Aucklander Julia Arnott-Neenee, 27, is one of a number of high achievers “coming home at once”. The…
Film & TV | Empire Magazine
07 September 2020
Niki Caro’s Mulan “a dazzling, moving, hair-prickling spectacle”
An Empire reviewer bemoans this month’s “bittersweet” release of New Zealander Niki Caro’s…
General | Sydney Morning Herald (The)
07 September 2020
Peter FitzSimons: “Australia should take back Christchurch killer.” Others disagree.
“Asked by New Zealand media to…
General | Sydney Morning Herald (The)
05 September 2020
“I forgive you: Why victims’ empathy was kryptonite to the Christchurch killer”
Reflecting on four days of victim impact…
Film & TV | Variety Magazine
04 September 2020
Story of WWII Spy Nancy Wake To Hit TV Screens
Anonymous Content, the company behind True Detective and The Revenant, has acquired the TV rights to the…
Business | Deadline
04 September 2020
Why Everyone Wants A Piece Of Shift72
Many film companies have taken a battering during the pandemic. The opposite is true of New Zealand-based video streaming…
General | Men’s Journal
03 September 2020
Pete Oswald Skiing to Reforest Madagascar
New Zealand freeskier and photographer Pete Oswald, 35, speaks with Men’s Journal journalist Eliot Grover about his efforts…
General | Washington Post (The)
02 September 2020
Though NZ Is Confronting a New Outbreak It Is Still Way Ahead of the USA – WashPost
“Since the start of the novel coronavirus…
Arts | TIME
30 September 20150
TIME Looks Back at 1997 Everest Cover Story
The new movie Everest is all Hollywood, with big movie stars meant for a big IMAX screen. But the story it tells is very real. TIME
New Zealand | Mercury News
27 September 2010
Icy Southern Beauty
“New Zealand is the land of all things possible,” Josh Green writes in a travel piece for the San Jose Mercury News. “It’s one of those places…
Film | Inside Film
30 September 2005
Local epic lures Donaldson home
An interview with The World’s Fastest Indian director Roger Donaldson is the cover story for the October issue of Inside Film. Starring Sir Anthony…
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