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From Brian Sweeney, publisher, NZEDGE.COM | 28 February 2020 | #394 | New York
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Dance | New York Times (The)
21 February 2020
J.Lo’s Choreographer Parris Goebel Hidden MVP at the Super Bowl
Parris Goebel is no stranger to being on a global stage. So she dived right in when given the assignment of a lifetime: choreographing for Jennifer Lopez, at the Super Bowl halftime show, Talya Minsberg writes in a sports feature for The New York Times. The Times…

Motorsports | CNN
27 February 2020
Mexico E-Prix Won by Jaguar’s Dominant Mitch Evans
Taking a risk paid off for Aucklander Mitch Evans, 25, as the Jaguar driver secured victory in an action-packed Mexico E-Prix with a fearless…
Business | In The Black
26 February 2020
From Smart Cities to Fintech, Jannat Maqbool CPA, Hamilton, advances many initiatives
“It’s not every day that you hear about…
Taste | Stuff
26 February 2020
Garage Project Amongst Top 100 Brewers in the World
Wellington brewery Garage Project has created history after being ranked 59th in the list of the world’s top 100 breweries by a popular American…
Politics and Economics | TIME
25 February 2020
Jacinda Ardern Has the World’s Attention
History came fast at Jacinda Ardern. Just a few years ago, in 2017, having been a local Member of Parliament for a matter of months, she became a Hail Mary candidate for…
Music | Chicago Tribune
24 February 2020
Composer Annea Lockwood at Chicago Festival
Chicago’s Frequency Festival has become a crucial showcase for the movement of “new music”, according to Aaron Cohen reporting for Chicago Tribune. New Zealand-born…
Obituaries | Globe and Mail (The)
23 February 2020
Peter Hogg Quietly Shaped Canadian Law
Peter Hogg, a New Zealander who became Canada’s pre-eminent constitutional scholar, was sometimes called the 10th person on that country’s nine-member Supreme Court. Hogg died on 4…
Te Ao Maori | Aljazeera
23 February 2020
Māori Increasingly Asserting Identity with Tā moko
Gary Harding’s body is a living testimony to his heritage. Tā moko, a cultural tattoo artwork, adorns Harding’s face and body, a…
Music | Billboard
21 February 2020
Nadia Reid Would Like to Go to Canada With You
Nadia Reid’s “Oh Canada” isn’t a cover of the country’s national anthem, but that doesn’t stop the Dunedin-born musician from honouring some of her…
Education | Businessworld
21 February 2020
New Zealand, India, Collaborate on Leading-Edge Research, Education
New Zealand’s education ties with India have been strengthened by a New Zealand university-led…
Business | Variety Magazine
20 February 2020
Studiocanal Names Anna Marsh Its CEO
New Zealander Anna Marsh, the newly appointed CEO of leading European film and TV group Studiocanal, comes off as self-contained and mild-mannered, but her bullish track record at the company…
Community/General | Chicago Sun Times
16 February 2020
In the Zone with Educator Terrance Wallace
Chicago-born Terrance Wallace founded the internationally lauded InZone Project that has been educating impoverished indigenous students in New Zealand for 10 years. InZone…
News | Express (The)
20 February 2020
Katherine Mansfield Book Inspired Legendary British Agent in German Concentration Camp
Passages from a book of Katherine…
Community/General | Stuff
20 February 2020
OSACO Investigates Global Corruption From Blenheim
The last place you might expect to find the headquarters for a global corruption investigation group is small town New Zealand, Sophie Trigger writes…
Writers | Slate
19 February 2020
Elizabeth Knox’s Masterpiece Lands US Publisher
Following a glowing review on Washington Post-owned online magazine, Slate, Wellington author Elizabeth Knox, 60, closed a deal for American and…
Film & TV | Variety Magazine
18 February 2020
The Luminaries TV Adaptation Coming Soon
Lead produced by Working Title Television, distributed internationally by Fremantle and coming soon to BBC Two, period thriller The Luminaries, adapted from New Zealand author…
Travel & Tourism | CNN
17 February 2015
Terraces One of Best Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist
Ask a New Zealander what happened on 10 June 1886, and they’ll tell you the planet lost its “eighth wonder,” says…
Style | New York Times (The)
17 February 2010
Seeking an Identity
New Zealand pinot noir has come a long way over the past 10 years, continuing to improve each year, but because the grape is a newcomer to this country, a group of New…
Innovation | Australian (The)
12 February 2005
Rann – Global Warming “Frightening”
Mike Rann, the Auckland University-educated and former NZBC journalist and…
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