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Edge Message #76 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM

To Members of the Global Network of New Zealanders

Greetings to all and especially people who are newly registered at the site, from Auckland to Atlanta and Adelaide, Brisbane to Bogota and Basel, Foxton to Philadelphia, Mumbai and Melbourne, Tokyo and Torrance, be you bankers or bakers.

110 messages about the emotional bonds to New Zealand when living overseas; coming home and finding optimism and energy; coming home and finding insularity and violence; the right to vote in New Zealand when living overseas; Brazil’s little place of Aotearoa; recognizing Nancy Wake; and more. Received January-May 2005. https://www.nzedge.com/mailbox/31_May05.html

Our global review of New Zealanders cutting headlines in the international media takes in the Architectural Review, Sydney Morning Herald, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Guardian and Observer, New York Times, Kerala Next, 125 Magazine, Variety, Xinhua, the Daily Californian, Passport, Oyster, Gulf News, Yen, the Independent, China Post, the New Hampster and more:

– ANZAC commemorations and dramatisations
– Chris Liddell CFO and #3 at Microsoft
– Martian rocks get Maori names, after Roger Burns
– Young qualified Kiwis continue to take flight
– John Hood signals changes at Oxford
– Russell Crowe is the Cinderella Man
– Architecture Workshop’s Peregrine vin-shed tops UK award
– Andrew Patterson in top 100 world architects
– Peter Cooper in love with Bay of Islands
– Max Gimblett wild, innocent in San Francisco
– Robert Creeley, friend of NZ, dead at 78
– Owen Wilkes beyond his natural term
– Drummer Paul Hester no longer in our house
– Joh Bjelke-Petersen passes at 94
– NZ cancer rates third highest in world
– Sandra Costa produces Love Is In The Heir
– Princess Ann Claire a half Kiwi hit
– Christopher Luxon champions unorthodoxy in US markets
– James Coltman-Mitchell realises family assets
– NZ wagyu beef stars at London’s Zuma
– Tom Peters at Auckland’s Better By Design
– Peter Jackson heads Hollywood most-powerful list
– Philosopher Derek Mesler published by MIT Press
– Dr Dave Jenkins surfs to neighbours’ aid
– Dutton’s Arts&Letters Daily celebrates 100 millionth hit
– Batch Espresso serves up slice of heaven
– Cash injection looms in form of British Lions fans
– Old meets new: Edge fashion storms Paris
– Oscar nominee Taika Waititi wows U.S
– Andrew Thompson blows whistle on U.N
– Peter Jackson and Weta restore ANZAC film
– InStyle editor Louise Chunn talks fashion
– Brit readers vote NZ “most desirable destination”
– Meek Zuiderwyk and co grace 125’s pages
– Scribe takes crusade to NYC
– Anna Wilding’s Buddha Wild
– Double All Black Eric Tindill reminisces
– Chinese Gold Rush camp unearthed
– Airini Mason nets NZ’s highest international surf placing
– Author/academic Joanna Bourke gets down and dirty
– Enu Chung signs to Berkeley golf team
– NZ pension scheme the go in Britain
– Calvert Plastics revolutionises export industry
– Wairarapa the pearl in North Island’s crown
– Rachel Hunter profiled by The Guardian
– Brian Goggin explores eco-power
– Guardian toasts Martinborough
– Zambesi uber-cool at Australian Fashion Week
– Keith Urban sells out in a good way
– Gareth Hughes’Kiwi pies a hit in NYC
– The Datsuns outta sight outta mind
– Yeast gets sexy at Auckland University
– Steriogram’s sound “as well drilled as the AB backline”
– And more: Sauvignon Blanc, the economy, royal invites, curling championships, trade agreements…

Kevin Roberts at the Thrive Conference attended by 2500 people at the Aotea Centre Auckland in April 2005: “My job is to engage with the world through ideas. To get quantum returns from multiple connections. Here’s ten ideas to help you Thrive.  1: Be emotional, 2: Create Lovemarks, 3: Make It Irresistible, 4: Move to Tokyo and Shanghai, 5: Make the Consumer your Boss, 6: Bust through with SiSoMo, 7: Connect with our Edge, 8: Move to New York and Washington, 9: Make the World a Better Place, and 10: Inspire The Future.

“New Zealand is a wonderful place to live, and like many people now, I’m continually coming and going. It’s official, however, that the leaving part is reaching catalytic proportions. The OECD has just reported that a quarter of New Zealand’s tertiary graduates live overseas. There are more New Zealanders living out there in the world than Australians living outside Australia.” NZEDGE column in the NZ Herald about building the global community of New Zealanders.

The Tui sings for contemplation, and Denis O’Reilly reviews the peaks and valleys of the past few months. The importance of attending Tangi, the passing of a Pontif, a visit from the P-Funk Allstars, Napier’s Pilot City Trust and Policing in an election year. An indepth run down on the attendees, readings, gang engagement, and uplifting success of March’s Heretaunga symposium “Self, Race, Drugs & Justice in New Zealand”. A reflective poem of farewell and new beginnings.

Rugby from Kevin Roberts: three columns: anticipating the Lions; better participation, viability, programming and marketing; strengthening Asia, North America and the Pacific Islands; Olympic contention; and the IRB.

An intriguing constitutional point has been raised by David Baigent, the only New Zealander living in Wels, Austria He writes: “It’s election time.  Thousands of kiwi expats log on daily to NZ news sites to keep up with the play.  Who’s hot, who’s not – and why.  Informed to the teeth we are but…can we vote?  Three years away?  Sorry mate, Godzone election not interested in ya anymore!

“If you are an Italian expat, you have senators representing you.  If you are a Portugese expat, ditto.  If you are German, they are seeking you out to throw voting rights at you. But if you are a kiwi who has not set foot in Enzed for three years – you lose the right to vote.  Our diaspora comprises around one million New Zealanders.  Together we would make up the second largest city in NZ.  I estimate half of us have had our right to vote taken away. It’s there for all to read on the Elections NZ website. http://www.elections.org.nz/enrolment/how_to_enrol_overseas.html

“It rankles, it smarts and I for one, have had a guts full of being treated like a second-class New Zealander. Letting us expatriates participate in Godzone’s democratic process can only be a gain for everyone.  We all left to broaden our horizons and we have experience that can enrich New Zealand – but only if this experience is given a voice. Is there anyone between Cape Reinga and the Bluff who cares about us.  We are your sons, daughters and above all – your fellow citizens of the finest country in the world. Bring us back into the political fold.”

Comments? Send through https://www.nzedge.com/contact or direct to David Baigent, baigent@eunet.at www.baigenttraining.at

“Everywhere you go, always take the weather, the weather with you”
– Neil Finn

Travel well.

Brian Sweeney
Publisher, Producer
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