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Edge Message #72 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM


Greetings from our Antipodes, New York City (NYNZ, center/edge)

Nga Kupu Aroha: Words of Love
This is a love story from Aotearoa, the world’s geographical edge; and from our country’s social edge – from within the two major Maori street gangs, the Black Power and the Mongrel Mob. The context of the narrative is a quest to reduce the community demand for crystal methamphetamine, ‘Kiwi-crack’ or ‘P’, by enrolling the leadership of both gangs in a movement towards a better future for their people. NZEDGE has invited Denis O’Reilly, social activist, coach, businessman, to tell his story of kia whakarite – the desire to put things right.The first in a series of columns by Denis.

We continue to celebrate and draw inspiration from the success of New Zealanders around the globe as reported in the online editions of the New York Times, The Guardian, Sports Illustrated, ABC News, Newsday, The Melbourne Age, Hello!, The Observer, San Francisco Chronicle, The Independent and many others.

  • Olympic golds for New Zealand rowing, cycling and triathlon
  • The Guardian film critic visits Whale Rider home
  • Black Grace accoladed in NYTimes following US dance debut
  • Composer John Psathas scores Olympics music
  • Dancer/choreographer Carol Brown scoops major European awards
  • Elizabeth Deuchrass wins global award for promoting business exchanges
  • Trelise Cooper graces Women’s Wear Daily cover in NYC
  • Teddy Tahu Rhodes, Ross McCormack feted at Sydney Helpmann Awards
  • Admark wins at New York Festivals Awards for LOTR Air NZ 747 graphic
  • Boardsailor David Robertson wins Youth World Championships
  • Greg Henderson wins New York City Cycling Championship
  • Turanga Merito plays Simba in Sydney Lion King
  • Booming NZ tourism industry on roll with 20% visitor growth
  • King Kong stars rhapsodize Jackson and Wellington location
  • Flight of the Conchords like rock gods at Edinburgh Festival
  • Neil Cross on long-list for Man Booker Prize
  • Natasha Bedingfield’s R&B grit welcome in bland Brit pop scene
  • Anne Salmond’s Captain Cook “essential holiday reading” – Guardian
  • Tama Umaga’s meteoric rise chronicled by Rugby Heaven
  • Finn brothers thrill Summerstage Central Park concert
  • Finn Andrews rocks Boston with solo show
  • Vicki Mason co-curates contemporary jeweler exhibition in Melbourne
  • Gary Lewis first Maori member of the British Royal Family
  • Observer critic champions NZ sparkling whites
  • NZ Sauvignon Blanc has starring role in SF Chronicle review
  • Aotearoa uncovered by online UK magazine Female First
  • Online NZ fashion mag Lucire applauded at SF Fashion Week
  • John O’Loghlen completes Mongolia Sunrise-Sunset Marathon
  • New NZ films to debut at world’s best film festivals
  • Nicholas Garland contributes to son Alex’s new book
  • St Louis travelers jump at “Kiwiland” geography
  • NZ’s triple stars are Maori battle flags – historian
  • South Island ski equals “movie star good looks”- NY Post
  • RIP Sir Trevor Skeet, Conservative MP
  • RIP Al Baldwin, beach body suntan sprayman of Surfers Paradise
  • Jeffrey Masson slips into Paradise in new book on living in NZ
  • Stonehenge Aotearoa for Wairarapa tourist
  • Alinghi loan to Team NZ to ensure America’s Cup presence
  • Graeme Hart lauded as master business tactician by Aus press
  • Bio-investor John Bedbrook in NZ government program
  • Sam Chisholm takes new post at Kerry Packer’s PBL
  • David Teece named one of the world’s top 50 business intellectuals
  • Gibbs Aquada “most fun thing that has ever happened to cars”
  • Tabcorp’s Matthew Slatter “Australia’s most admired new CEO” – BRW
  • Paul Hakes to start exporting racing boats to Australia
  • NZ Antarctic Heritage Trust to restore/protect early explorer huts
  • Clare Plug’s art called “exceptional” by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • Sam Neill to star in Golding’s sea trilogy To the Ends of the Earth
  • Karl Urban wins US film critics with Bourne performances
  • Richard Hadlee loves Hanmer Springs – Guardian
  • NZ take top honours at British Championship motorcycle race
  • Odorous gel from Victoria University scientists used by US police
  • Rick Rudd’s heavenly ceramics praised by Taipei Times
  • Cliff Curtis characters citied by critics
  • John Wright stays as Indian coach for further year
  • Kiwi Super League invasion continues in UK
  • Avondale Buddhists start world’s largest prayer wheel
  • John Tamihere defends Kiwi heterosexual red-blooded males


The June-July issue of newzedge carried an extract from an article by The Observer’s literary editor Robert McCrum, visiting the highlights of his 25 years on the job. A high-point he recalled was Keri Hulme’s win of the 1984 Booker Prize, beating out Doris Lessing, Iris Murdoch, Jan Morris and Peter Carey. He described Keri as a “pipe-smoking lesbian” and noted that Faber had turned down The Bone People. Keri is a newzedge reader and has written to correct some major inaccuracies in McCrum’s recollections. We are happy to see the record put straight.

Kia ora – Robert McCrum – with whom I have met – seems to have a faulty memory (re ‘The Guardian Book Club’ article posted to this site). Faber was never offered ‘the bone people’ to my knowledge. I was in Salt Lake City (courtesy the Mobil Pegasus Prize for Maori Literature) when I spoke to Hermione Lee. I am a pipesmoker, but I am *not* a lesbian (I’d be very happy to be known as such if I were but I am a neuter (sex female/gender neuter) – a very different kettle of queer fish.)

Three women, Marian Evans (Pakeha, dressed in traditional English evening dress, tux et al – well, the invitation did state “formal evening attire”!), Miriama Evans, in a splendid gown & korowai and the late Irihapeti Ramsden (ditto – the cloaks were loaned courtesy of the Fergusson family incidentally) walked together hand-in-hand to receive the Booker, with Iri and Miriama giving a karanga-tribal dance?! Jeeez!

Cheers, no reira me noho ora mai ra – Keri

NZEDGE recommends the New Zealand Institute, a new think-tank which aims to deliver fresh and creative thinking on the key issues surrounding New Zealand’s economic growth and social future. Headed by Dr David Skilling, the New Zealand Institute has a broad range of foundation members from investment banks to schools, iwi to consultancies, business leaders to charitable organizations. The Institute’s first comprehensive research paper, “The Wealth of a Nation”, describes and analyses the current level and distribution of wealth in New Zealand. Read more at http://www.nzinstitute.org/

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