#67: Whoosh Bang

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Edge Message #67 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM


night Frank Glasgow sat down at the piano and composed music to describe the English style of play; it went – plonk plonk plonk plonk, plonk . . .

To describe our play Frank came up with this number – Dum de dah dum de dah bang whoosh bang! Whoosh dum De dah clicketty-click bang! Whoosh da . . .

It was music new to English ears . . . .”
Lloyd Jones on the 1905 All Blacks in ‘The Book of Fame’.

OCTOBER’S LIST OF NEW ZEALANDERS STRIKING IT WHOOSH BANG AROUND THE WORLD is: Colin McCahon, Hayley Westenra, Scott Dixon, Greg Murphy, Phil Keoghan, Julian Grimmond, David Lange, Jane Campion, Christine Jeffs, Gaylene Preston, All Blacks, NZ Fashion Week, Ben Fouhy, Archibald McIndoe, Jacqueline Fraser, Kate Shepherd, Anthony Hoete, Matterhorn; 42 Below, Te Papa, LotR, Bic Runga, Janet Frame, Moko, Wellington, David Murray, Formway, Jonathan Lemalu, Anthony Hoete, George Nuku, Jonah Lomu, Noel Turner, Chris Dickson, CK Stead, Katherine Mansfield, Martin Csokas, Speights, Luke Jacomb, Anne Shelton, David Lambert, Brian Perkins, David Mackay, The Warriors, The Kiwis, Bay of Islands, Marlborough Sounds, Rings, Dunedin, NaturalHistoryNZ, Matt Visser, Blanket Bay, Kapiti Cheese, Barbara Ewing, Lee Tamahori, Les Mills, Dolf from The Datsuns, Theresa Gattung, Ralph Norris, Kim Crawford, Wither Hills, WaikatoUni, Te Reo XP, Annamarie Jagose, Merino, Icebreaker, Eric Watson. See th! eir stories at /category/newzedge/

NZEDGE co-founder Kevin Roberts has been made Professor of Sustainable Enterprise at the universities of Waikato in New Zealand and Limerick in Ireland (the day job is still running hot). KR’s latest column for NZ Rugby Monthly is at https://www.nzedge.com/hot/rugby/03_Oct.html. Bending it like Beckham, he weaves a story between the professionalism of Real Madrid, the legendary men of Munster and the All Blacks’ readiness for this year’s Rugby World Cup.

Enjoy Labour Day weekend. My thought is that that great vision is only achieved by pushing the envelope harder, faster and smarter.

Ka Pai
Brian Sweeney
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