#58: Looking Over The Edge

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Edge Message #58 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM

Today we are proud to bring you a major update to the New Zealand Edge website experience. ‘Imagery’ is a series of picture galleries beginning to tell the visual stories of the New Zealand Edge a project that we have been maturing and sharpening over 2002. The result: 15 galleries articulating in 300 photographs, icons, text and images, different aspects of the nzedge metaphor, evocative and provocative in equal measure. Big cheers to contributing photographers.

In the this month’s edition of newzedge, Peter “the Kiwi George Lucas” Jackson again claims the headlines on the eve of the release of Two Towers with a Time cover feature. Other z-spots in the world’s online media:

  • Brian ‘Hendo’ Henderson, legendary Aussie broadcaster signs off
  • City of London CEO Judith Mayhew “one of Britain’s most powerful women”
  • South Island among world’s top-4 “see before you die” destinations in BBC
  • Lee Tamahori helms “best 007 in 20 years”
  • LA Times covers body-painter to the stars Joanne Gair
  • America’s Cup previews see observers wondering at the NZ edge
  • Dick Hubbard is socially conscious messiah of muesli in Independent
  • Observer goes off the cat-walk edge for Karen Walker’s high casual styles
  • Obits: Maori performing arts icon Dalvanius Prime, legendary trans-world explorer David Lewis, and Botanist Betty Molesworth Allen
  • “The people’s horse” Sunline runs her last race in Australia
  • Kerry Black makes waves in Cornwall
  • Bic Runga takes Time to make a Beautiful Collision
  • Smithsonian awed as Peter Waddell paints the US capitol
  • Sir Peter Blake honoured with prestigious Olympic Order
  • Carmen swings with pride at Sydney’s Gay Games
  • Clicksuite’s NZ Dictionary of Biography website up for multimedia Oscars
  • Damien Wilkins bonds with Guardian reviewer
  • The future is All Black after the northern winter’s pre-World Cup clashes
  • Pinetree Meads gives the hard copy to the Observer
  • Te Vaka’s Pacific sounds nominated for BBC World Music Awards
  • “Creative genius” chef Shaun Osborn is London’s Kiwi Michelin Man.
  • Keeping the web’s brain sharp, Dennis Dutton’s Arts and Letters is back
  • London Review of Books bathes in Rita Angus’ sun worshipping Wgtn houses
  • Roger Horrock’s bio of modernist maverick Len Lye moves critics
  • Kiwi wool is shag of choice, the bard finds te reo, cars flock to NZ to be seen, and an Aussie heckler sees where the grass is greener in SMH and advocates annexing Aotearoa as a drought solution


Terra Nature Fund is an innovative project working to make the world aware of Aotearoa’s extraordinary and internationally significant ecology. Terra Nature Fund operates in the US as a tax-exempt organisation, allowing New Zealanders filing US tax returns the chance to make tax deductible donations – tapping into
the potential of the global network of New Zealanders in a fresh way. As the pohutukawas begin to bloom downunder to herald the season this is an opportunity to connect, engage with, and help preserve, the whenua that makes Aotearoa unique in the world. See http://www.terranature.org/.

We’re delighted to bring you the new visual experience that the galleries add to the nzedge website as we open our iris on edge sights and symbols. Look forward to 2003 for accelerated developments as the edge metaphor, place and people gain in reach and currency.

Brian Sweeney
New Zealand Edge

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