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Edge Message #9 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM

To NZEDGE.COM Community

With ANZAC Day approaching we focus in our HEROES page on “Warriors”. Today we have a story that would be unbelievable if it were not true.

Nancy Wake was the Allies’ most decorated servicewoman of WWII, and the Gestapo’s most-wanted person. They code-named her ‘The White Mouse’. She led an army of 7,000 Maquis troops in guerrilla warfare to sabotage the Nazis. Nancy Wake was born in Wellington in 1912. She left New Zealand for Sydney with her parents at 20 months. Does Nancy Wake believe herself to be a New Zealander? Read the story.

Also today a major new item of content, or rather context, under the MEDIA button. NZEDGE is dedicated to a fully internationalist perspective, believing that what New Zealanders do in the world is at least as important as what we do at home. We’ve scoured the news sites of the www and assembled a uniquely external point of view about New Zealand and New Zealanders. We’re starting with about 100 items (main page and archive) which we’ll add to every few days. Tell all your friends about NEWZEDGE, as we’ve called it, and give us your feedback.

On a technical point, you may need to refresh or reload the pages in your browser. NEWZEDGE may take a few moments to load, and we’ll assess the download times from a variety of machines and modems to get the page as light as possible.

Thanks for some wonderful mail in over the past few weeks, we’ll publish this shortly.

Have a thoughtful and happy Easter.

Brian Sweeney
executive editor

Thumbnail: >”Before suffocating an Emperor / the first rule is / always knock at the gates / of the palace and ask: / ‘By the way, who’s next / in line to the throne?’ ” Kevin Ireland, Tiberius at the Beehive.

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