#6 Shearing The Love

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Edge Message #6 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM

Hello from The New Zealand Edge.

Today we publish the extraordinary story of Godfrey Bowen, the shearer with “the race of Nureyev shaping an arabesque”; a man of the land credited with influencing world economics; feted by Johnny Carson, awarded by the Queen and honoured by Khruschev at the Kremlin. This is also a story about the New Zealand farmers, shepherds and shearers who have become known throughout the world for their skill and toughness.

Also today a new picture gallery Edge attitudes are all around us, here are some visual stories.

Thanks for the ongoing registrations and commentaries, which we will publish in a week or two.

See you next week with more stories from The New Zealand Edge.
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Thumbnail: Godfrey Bowen in his element

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