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Edge Message #49 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM


Welcome to New Zealand Edge 2002. Today we bring you hot news, a bright preview, and a deep remembrance.

The creative industries – film, music, design and style – carry New Zealand’s presence in the world in January 2002. From the online editions of the BBC, The Independent, Sydney Morning Herald, CNN, The Guardian, The Wallpaper, Interview, Yahoo, The Times, and many more, come stories of:

  • Russell Crowe’s Beautiful Career
  • Peter Jackson nom’d for Best
  • Rings crowned Salon Movie of the
  • Stephen Tindall backs NZ tech
  • Aussie heckler provokes Rings storm in
  • Chris Cairns Black Cap master blaster
  • Trans-Tas-Man Crowe profiled in Independent
  • Daniel Bedingfield tops the pops in UK
  • Lattimer-Gregory brings the Bard to West End
  • Mark Johnson plays tag with sperm whales
  • Click Suite scoop Internet Oscar
  • Tamahori, Lee Tamahori helms Bond 20
  • Hilary Alexander on NZ Fashion Week
  • Peter Gordon’s Providores best new restaurant
  • Sam Chisholm right-hands Murdoch/Packer
  • Jae An tackles Tiger in NZ Golf Open
  • Regan Cameron takes Timex shots
  • Knights of NZ warm Aussie Olympians
  • Jonah Lomu talks mean streets
  • NZ-Parisians Flay/MacFarlane Interview-ed
  • Alan Gourdie named Heineken global brand man· Phil Robinson flies chopper for Greenpeace
  • SMS sunblock from Hyperfactory
  • NZ reaps Rings tourism rewards· Wallpaper finds suburban nirvana in Palm North
  • The Scotsman praises NZ enterprise· Michael Campbell is golf’s Peoples’ Choice /category/newzedge/

ANTARCTIC EDGE My partner in New Zealand Edge, Kevin Roberts, will be keening his edge in the great southern land next week as he accompanies the Princess Royal, HRH Princess Anne, to Antarctica to celebrate the centenary of Scott and Shackleton’s discovery expeditions, and to launch the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust’s 10 year project to conserve the historic huts on Ross Island and at Cape Adane. (Did you know that Frank Worsley, Maori of Akaroa, was in many ways the hero of Shackleton’s remarkable voyage? Master mariner Worsley’s sailing skills and navigational prowess enabled Shackleton’s small open boat to navigate an epic 800 miles of dangerous sea to South Georgia Island after the Endurance was crushed by ice.) The visit is also designed to stimulate global awareness through the media about the importance of Antarctica to the functioning of the planet. Kevin is near-on five years into his role as CEO of one of the world’s most successful advertising agencies. His mind and body may be in continuous motion around the globe, but his heart is firmly fixed in New Zealand. http://www.heritage-antarctica.org

Next week we are down to business: we have our cool shopping experience almost ready for you. It is eclectic; it will never overwhelm with too much choice; it is premium but not outrageous; we will ship to most places in the world; and all our prices will be in nz$. Why commerce after 30-odd months of publishing stories? Firstly, we (myself and Kevin) are business people and traders as much as we are storytellers. Commerce is what we do day- by-day here and around the world. Commerce done well is a positive force, and this will be what we are attempting here: extend the New Zealand Edge experience, create abundance, increase the ways for people to become involved, provide the means for sustainability (ie, the folding stuff) and have a creative, fun time. More next week.

An extraordinary New Zealand cultural activist, archivist and producer died last week in Wellington. Jonathan Dennis was 48 and founder of the New Zealand Film Archive. He instigated a collection that has grown to 45,000 titles: vignettes and features of New Zealand’s development and history preserved forever on film. Jonathan Dennis’s vision, focus, and capacity for doing big things were features of the eulogies given to a standing- room-only Paramount Theatre, Courtenay Place, Wellington, gathering. A friend of his summed him thus:

1. Life is Art.
2. Have a vision and make it happen.
3. Attack is the best form of defence.

RIP Jonathan Dennis.

NZEDGE has got confidence and momentum on side for 2002. Make it a big one for you too.
Co-founder, Editor
The New Zealand Edge

Thumbnail credit: The Trans Antarctic Mountain Range, New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust

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