#42 Top New Zealander Achievers

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Today news of tough-nut New Zealand achievers from the online editions of The Times, Japan Times, Times of India, The Guardian, The Scotsman, The Independent, The Age, Salon, Yahoo, Forbes,Boston Herald, Irish Times, LA Times, Financial Times, Sydney Morning Herald and Chicago Tribune: /category/newzedge/

  • Getting intimate with Kerry Fox
  • Right Hemishphere tools X-Box
  • Rings around the world
  • Composer Douglas Lilburn RIP
  • Oar-some Harry Mahon RIP
  • Crete remembered 60 years on
  • Shrek Cannes hit for Andrew Adamson
  • Robinson, Fraser at Venice Biennale
  • Xena hangs up her breastplate
  • Alison McLean on ‘golden age’ film list
  • Deep Video Image close to 3D PCs
  • Sam Neill on wine, acting, home
  • David Low, political cartoonist of century
  • Lord Cooke retires from Privy Council
  • Ata Rangi wins global Pinot prize
  • Telecom NZ takes 3G stake in Oz
  • Margaret Mahy in world’s best
  • AJ Hackett hangs out in Vanity Fare
  • Pinetree knocks over touch judges
  • Vote for TurnerNZ at Chef2Chef
  • Mike Moore spreads the gains
  • Burton Silver’s oval golf ball
  • David Robie reports the South Pacific
  • Ken Henry heads Oz Treasury
  • Kea scores in brain test

Best new book out this week is the complete song lyrics of Neil Finn. For wonderful web action go to www.nilfun.com.

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Thumbnail: Sam Niell with his Two Paddock wine

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