#40 Backing a Silver Fern

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Edge Message #40 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM


Still here, been busy.

In NEWZEDGE today, stories of intrepid Kiwis about the globe from the online editionsof The Times, Japan Times, Times of India, The Guardian, The Scotsman, Independent,International Herald Tribune, Gulf News, Atlanta Journal, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Sydney Morning Herald. BBC The Economist and the Chicago Tribune.

  • Phil Keoghan on Oprah, “Amazing Race”
  • Karen Walker working at the extremes
  • Paul Hewitson’s extraordinary run
  • Roger Horrock’s Len Lye biography
  • Bert Sutcliffe joins the Heaven Eleven
  • Kevin Roberts talks love in Dubai
  • Arthur Lydiard lionized by The Times
  • Brendan Donovan hits again with Lee Majors
  • mticket from London-Kiwi entrepreneurs
  • Ken Gorbey challenged by Holocaust
  • Big Mac index says Kiwi $ undervalued
  • Massey professor tracks foot-and-mouth
  • ANZAC arches opened in Canberra
  • James Flynn: brains rise to the occasion
  • “Maori of Aotearoa” film festival in France
  • Harry Secombe recalled by Kiri
  • Fusion capital: Independent’s tour
  • Neil Finn wisecracking ringleader of circus
  • Kiwis backbone of desert special forces
  • Galloping Graham Kerr seasons new show
  • Plus tourism, wine, politics, Oz relations


Thanks to everyone who has written great mail, and welcome to new edge regulars from places including Jacksonville, Dubai, Birmingham, Dallas, Hong Kong, Brighton, Bhopal, Melbourne…more progress in creating the country outside the country.

Great to see tourism honchos endorsing a Silver Fern as the New Zealand flag to replace the anachronistic insignia we have at present.

Stay tuned and best regards

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