#34 Happy New Years From The Edge

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Edge Message #34 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM


It’s not too late to say it, so Happy New Year.

Bravo to the South Island. I spent an alpine summer holiday there. My wife, who was born so far south and remote that it is not on the map, said contentedly after the 10th day that she felt at home like she hadn’t for a very long time.

“I’ve never much liked the contours of the North,” she mused as only a Mainlander can. Indeed Poenamu was extraordinary. Queenstown/Central Otago showed to me again why it is the most international of New Zealand places.

Lindis Pass driving music was Finn/ Runga/Dobbyn live and loud. If you want to be passionate about New Zealand’s future, take a trip to Central.

My nzedge.com co-host Kevin Roberts spent a few tropical weeks in Auckland over Christmas and New Year and returned from edge to center invigorated.

CNN’s Pinnacle programme has just completed filming a documentary on Kevin which will play throughout the world in February, I’ll let you know dates and times.

nzedge.com was a busy holiday destination with the new story on first flyer Richard Pearse pulling traffic. See /richard-pearse/

We welcome new nzedgers from London, Seattle, Bristol, Nanaimo Canada, New Dehli, Phoenix Durban, Telfs Austria, New York, Reading, Thane India, Zurich, San Francisco, Cairns and Sydney; and Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Hastings and Wanganui.

In NEWZEDGE today (with late Dec-early Jan global news):

  • NZ artists examine landscapes in LA
  • 94 year old NZ lawyer still at bar in London
  • Kylie Bax tell us why she’s super
  • Nuclear-brink thriller helmed by Roger Donaldson
  • Harry Sinclair’s dairy-tale feature The Price of Milk
  • LA Times calls Milford the finest walk in world
  • Skin jewellery best new thing
  • GE whiz, pharming pigs and sheep in NZ
  • Robbie Williams shoulders intellectual property
  • SoundLab lead pack for new-gen flat speakers
  • Kiwis positive procreators in global survey
  • Wellington heading world youth engagement
  • Michael Campbell’s greatest hits
  • Adventure racer John Howard wins again
  • Asparagus grown in Mars soil at Lincoln
  • Kiwi behind world’s highest hotel
  • Wairarapa software gets US VC
  • 400 000 mins to go – Rings build-up continues
  • PLUS
  • Dairy research, wine delights, sheep shearing
  • Pacific DNA, Brain Gain, PC easy-to-read
  • Christmas in Auckland, yacht racing, nude DJ
  • See /category/newzedge/

New Zealand Edge will be alive and kicking in 2001. We will be focused on optimism, inspiration and positive achievement. We have a dozen or more fine ideas to action so watch this space.

2001 will be the year Middle Earth emerges from the Edge, on December 19. America’s Cup starts to build. Exports of all kinds will hum. The 5m Kiwis in the world will start to connect in our own form of globalisation. Looking at the rest-of-the-world (ROW) I can’t escape thinking we live in a jewel. Let’s make our efforts in 2001 worthy of the first year of the new millennium.

co-founder and editor The New Zealand Edge

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