#30 New Zealanders Rocking The Globe

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Edge Message #30 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM


This week:

Celebrating New Zealanders rocking the globe:


  • Pride in new NZ Nobel Laureate
  • Shihad rock Australia music awards
  • Leilani Joyce squashes UK Open
  • Chris Cairns beats India
  • Michael King frames truth with epic bio
  • Purapurawhetu via Canada and Greece
  • Tuaman’s equation
  • Compudigm conquer cell call chasm
  • Jumpin Jai Taurima interview
  • Pacino teams with Andy Niccol
  • Rawiri Waru’s geyser genius
  • Jeremy Yates’ dream ride
  • Deep video imaging in hotwired
  • Whanganui River observed
  • Don McKinnon says “just do it” to debt
  • Neil Scott’s new interfaces
  • Harry Mahon’s Olympic triumph
  • Perfect Pinot on Bloomberg
  • Marie Clay reading riot in US
  • LA Times love fabio NZ
  • Anne Perry: slaves of obsession
  • Kiri in Canada
  • Chris Knox menaces Chicago
  • Plus Jonah Lomu, Lee Tamahori, fashion, aprodisiacs, atmospherics, message in a bottle and Phar Lap


I’ve been travelling overseas for the past ten days and met many New Zealanders doing amazing things: some are NZ-based and performing on the international stage in a natural way, others have been away for five to 35 years. What an impressive group of people, they think that being a New Zealander is the best thing in the world.

Have a good week.

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