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Edge Message #28 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM


Greetings. On Friday Kevin Roberts spoke to the Resource Management Law Conference in Auckland. He was the opening speaker and was asked to address “At the Edge: Vision for New Zealand” (the organisers asked to borrow our brand for the event).

It’s punchy, paradigm-busting stuff, and comes at a time when the challenges and opportunities that Kevin and I and the nzedge.com community are focused on are centre-stage in public debate, namely ideas about how to:

  • create the conditions for abundance and peak performance
  • build networks to the million-strong international community of New Zealanders
  • frame “the New Zealand story” and create
  • a compelling national identity
  • achieve a sense of common purpose in New Zealand
  • reduce structural dysfunctionalities in New Zealand society
  • create an export focus among all New Zealanders.


The speech offers four tools for vision-making (to address the weird notion that vision comes after a visitation from the heavens; it doesn’t, it comes from within, and there are techniques and processes for getting there).

There is a text-only version at and in a few days an illustrated version of the speech will be added. We also have a video.

We have another Newzedge on the way, and shortly we’ll be resuming our Heroes/Hot stories.

Welcome to all new people at nzedge.com over the past fortnight from around New Zealand and around the world, especially the cluster of Kiwis in Thailand.


Brian Sweeney
Executive Editor
The New Zealand Edge

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