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An achievement which is a standard part of the New Zealand rap (along with splitting the atom and climbing Everest) is “giving women the vote first”. Today in HEROES we bring you the story of Kate Sheppard, the Christchurch suffragist who led the campaign to give New Zealand women. She graces out $10 note; this is her full story.

New members in May are from Auckland, Cairns, Cardiff, Christchurch, Cincinnati, Devonport, Eden Prairie Minnesota, Glasgow, Grass Valley California, Hamilton, Hawkes Bay, Invercargill, London, Miami, Nelson, Melbourne, New York, Ottawa, San Jose, Singapore, Sydney, Wellington, Whakatane and Whangarei. Welcome.

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Kiwis rocking the world this week are called Russell…Crowe continues to conquer all as Gladiator, and Coutts seeks wind on Lake Geneva. News about Peter Blake, more on the Great Balls of Fire discovery, Kiwi Judith Mayhew to advise Red Ken, Kevin Roberts shocks the Wall St Journal, Chad Taylor sends shivers with his inventive new novel; Andy Niccol lines up Al Pacino for his new movie; David Tua swaps recipes in Las Vegas; Shere Hite says NZ men better in bed than Australians; Richard Tomlinson continues to wrange with MI6; Peter Gordon opens in Istanbul; plus fashion, wine, natural beauty with a spicy rage over quantum physics – all inNEWZEDGE, our tracker of world media coverage of people and events from the edge.

And from the “if you don’t ask you don’t get” department, NZEDGE.COM is pleased to support the efforts of champion Kiwi bodyboarder Jon Blackwood, who has written to us seeking funding to represent New Zealand at events in Hawaii, Tahiti and Australia. We’ve put up a web page for Jon and contact details should you be able to send money to support his travel costs.

Applause please, for my two editors, who put this weekly magazine together: Paul Ward, who does NEWZEDGE and some of the HERO stories (Paul wrote the John Money postcript); and Carla Hofler, who produces and publishes the fine pages at NZEDGE.COM.

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Thumbnail: Kate Sheppard, photographed in London, 1904 Canterbury Museum

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