#199: Record New Zealand Wine Exports

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From Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM | 02 February 2016 | #199 | New York
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Business | Drinks Business (The)
30 January 2016
Record New Zealand Wine Exports
New Zealand wine exports have hit a record high as the USA becomes New Zealand’s largest export market for wine.

“Underlying the growth is the very positive reputation of New Zealand wine amongst consumers and the wine trade globally,” said Philip Gregan, CEO…

Film & TV | Guardian (The)
02 February 2016
Hunt for the Wilderpeople is Perfectly Balanced
Taika Waititi’s film adaptation of Barry Crump’s Wild Pork and Watercress, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, which made its premiere at the Sundance Film…
New Zealand | Get.com
01 February 2016
New Zealand: Best of South Island
“It was a dream come true,” writes Lynette Tan in a post about her 3-week trip around the South Island of New Zealand.

“New Zealand is an exceptional place to travel to for nature lovers. One…

Science/Tech | Independent (The)
01 February 2016
Beatrice Tinsley Acknowledged by Google Doodle
Beatrice Tinsley, “one of the least acknowledged – and most original – thinkers in astronomy is being acknowledged by Google Doodle”, writes Jess…
Rugby | CNN
31 January 2016
Jonah Lomu: A Gentle Giant
For many the defining image of gentle giant Jonah Lomu, who died in November, aged 40, is the sight of the New Zealand rugby star swatting aside England players in the semi-final of the 1995 World Cup.

He made his…

Film & TV | Independent (The)
31 January 2016
Top of the Lake Season 2 to Start Filming This Spring
“It’s been almost three years since Top of the Lake first aired and it’s still hard to shake the series’ sense of creeping dread”,…
Nature | Express (The)
30 January 2016
Migaloo Sighted in New Zealand
The world’s most famous white whale Migaloo – a pure white humpback – has been sighted between the North and South Island of New Zealand.

“Migaloo being in New Zealand waters supports the findings from…

New Zealand | BackPackingMatt
29 January 2016
The 7 Most Stunning Lakes in New Zealand
In a blog post Matt – self-proclaimed Adventurer, Instagrammer and New Zealand travel planning expert – featured seven of New Zealand most stunning lakes.

“New Zealand…

Community/General | Buzzfeed
29 January 2016
Badass Woman Nancy Wake
Nancy Wake was included in Buzzfeed’s list of “14 Badass Historical Women To Name Your Daughters After”.

If you would like your baby to be exceedingly glamorous you should name her Nancy after Nancy Wake – a New…

Theatre | Guardian (The)
29 January 2016
All Trygve Wakenshaw Wants Is to Be Mr Bean
Mime superstar, New Zealand-born Trygve Wakenshaw, who has been garnering rave reviews for his recent solo show, Nautilus talks with the Guardian about his theatre…
Taste | Guardian (The)
28 January 2016
Chef Anna Hansen on Juggling Work and Family
New Zealand-raised chef Anna Hansen, owner of London’s Modern Pantry, talks with the Guardian about juggling the demands of business and family.

Time management…

Music | YouTube
28 January 2016
Tomorrow People – Get It Back
Listen to the beats of Tomorrow People’s single ‘Get it back’ from sophomore album ‘BASS & BASSINETS’. Tomorrow People is a New Zealand ‘sunshine reggae’ band consisting of 7 musicians who found common…
Writers | Irish Times (The)
28 January 2016
Owls Do Cry Reissued with Margaret Drabble Intro
Janet Frame’s 1957 debut novel Owls Do Cry has now been reissued with a nuanced and appreciative introduction by Margaret Drabble, who calls the novel…
Business | Pique Magazine
28 January 2016
Snowboarder Nev Lapwood Wins Big Dragon’s Den Deal
New Zealand-born Nev Lapwood’s Snowboard Addiction training website has inked a US$100,000 investment deal with Canadian e-commerce maven…
Science/Tech | Riviera Times (The)
27 January 2016
Black Hole Expert Roy Kerr Honoured in Nice
One of the world’s most brilliant mathematicians, New Zealander Roy Kerr, 81, has been awarded the Crafoord Prize for his work on black holes. With an award of…
Taste | Dorset Echo
27 January 2016
Stacey Gorman’s Frosty Meringues the New Cool
From elaborate pavlovas to plush, punk-pink rainbow cakes, chefs and food stylists Auckland-born Stacey O’Gorman (left) and British business partner Alex…
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