Engineering Company Buys US Robotics Business

Dunedin-based engineering company Scott Technology Limited, which has been operating in New Zealand for 100 years, has purchased Ohio industrial robot integrator RobotWorx, providing Scott with a strong strategic base to increase its market share in North America.

Marion and its location in the North American marketplace provides Scott with proximity to automotive and military manufacturers that it doesn’t have in New Zealand, and RobotWorx benefits through Scott’s focus on the market of manufacturers that rely on complex robotics, RobotWorx founder Keith Wanner said.

The transaction works for RobotWorx and Scott because Scott wanted to expand its business footprint in North America “and they wanted to get their name out to the world,” Wanner said. “It’s a real good strategic fit. We bring to the table our web presence and a good location for the North American market.”

Scott Technology is globally recognised, as a world-class builder of advanced automation systems, particularly for the appliance, meat processing, mining and superconductor industries.

Original article by John Jarvis, The Marion Star, May 14, 2014.

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