Zoe Bell Recognised for Changing Places in Film

Waiheke born Zoe Bell is being recognised for her crossover into the mainstream acting industry, in two recent articles on rogerebert.com and the Wall Street Journal. In the articles Bell talks about her success as a stuntwoman, her ambitions to do more acting, and her first producing role.

Bell both starred in and produced her latest film venture Raze, in which she plays the film’s lead, Sabrina, one of 50 women mysteriously abducted into a prison and forced to fight her way out – giving Bell plenty of scope for Bell to both exercise her stunt techniques and acting .

Although known as ‘Tarantino’s stunt girl’ within the industry, her acting abilities have previously been proven in other leading roles, including the lead in Angel of Death, a web series that later became a movie.

Throughout both articles, Bell’s experience as a stuntwoman is highlighted, but her ambition to take on more acting roles including an interest in comedy is also touched on.

“The concept of comedy has, very recently, become incredibly interesting to me,” Bell tells rogerebert.com. “I would love to do a comedy, and I think physical comedy is something I probably have a knack on.”

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