There Is More to the World than Australia, There’s NZ

Even the weeds in New Zealand are beautiful, says bewitched Australian journalist and television host Andrew Bolt in an article describing his trip throughout this “amiable” country for the Spectator.

“There are just 4.4 million New Zealanders, but that’s just those who stayed home. Another 650,000, including Tony Abbott’s wife, are in Australia, even though we deny them the dole for their first ten years. It is such a shame. New Zealand is astonishingly lovely, and as I drive one-handed ever-southward I become embarrassed that I’d never before thought of visiting.

“But you can’t eat scenery, and many towns seem poorer, with smaller houses than ours. It is what Australia would be without coal and iron ore.”

Further south …

“It’s cold, with summer snow falling on mountains from Kaikoura to Southland. Still, a man from Chicago tells me he’s dodged record cold back home. But flying back into Melbourne I find our warmists again hyping a local heat wave as a proxy for a worldwide heating. Attention, warmists, There is more to the world than Australia. I have discovered New Zealand.”

Bolt is a columnist with News Limited papers and host of The Bolt Report on Network Ten.

Original article by Andrew Bolt, The Spectator, January 25, 2014.

Photo by Sarah Sisson.

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  • Bethney - 2:49 am on February 11th, 2014
    Why did he feel the need to mention Kiwis can't get the "dole" in Australia for 10 years?? The problem actually is that children born to Kiwi's in Australia can't get student loans for Uni until after 10+years. The issue is about Kiwi's working hard in Australia, paying taxes & trying to better themselves & their families - not about Kiwi's being dole bludgers. Yes NZ is astonishingly lovely & so much more.
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