Why Driving in New Zealand Is Good For Your Soul

New Zealand’s roads “take you past stunning shimmering lakes and majestic mountains, past wild and deserted beaches, beautiful fiords and distinctive volcanoes.”

“So different to driving anywhere else, driving in New Zealand makes you feel, and is good for your soul,” writes Nicola Barnard for the Huffington Post.

In New Zealand the journey feels like part of the holiday. The scenery is often out-of-this world spectacular and there are many well signposted scenic areas where you can stop.

And New Zealand’s quiet roads extend very far deep into the wilderness and take you off the beaten track.

Most of the roads in New Zealand are well-signposted and there is often a recommended speed for many of the corners, which means you drive more safely too. Driving can feel more relaxing too with the maximum speed being 100km/hr.

“After spending time driving around New Zealand you start to feel sentimental about certain roads, or certain journeys,” according to Barnard. Some journeys will stay with you forever.

There aren’t many places in the world where you can drive on the beach. In New Zealand you can. Head to 90-mile beach, keep an eye on tide times and take a 4WD with you (if it is a rental, check the small print).

Article Source: Huffington Post, Nicola Barnard, April 4, 2016

Image Source: Wikipedia

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