Wellington One of The 10 Best Cities For Digital Nomads

“Wellington has ranked in the top ten cities around the world for digital nomads – remote workers who usually travel between different locations – to work in, according to a new study,” as reported in the NZHerald. New Zealand’s capital also ranked highly for number of co-working spaces, green spaces and parks.

“The analysis, conducted by online home rental company Spotahome, standardised data available for categories such as internet speed, the number of co-working spaces, apartment rental prices and migrant acceptance to determine which urban cities are best-suited for digital nomads.”

Wellington and Auckland were the only two cities in the survey, which received a perfect score of 10.00 for migrant acceptance.

Neither Auckland nor Wellington “placed highly for average cost of a 1-bedroom apartment.”

“Fifty-six cities around the world were compared as part of the study.”

These were the overall Top Ten:

  1. Belfast (United Kingdom)
  2. Lisbon (Portugal)
  3. Barcelona (Spain)
  4. Brisbane (Australia)
  5. Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  6. Adelaide (Australia)
  7. Madrid (Spain)
  8. San Francisco (United States)
  9. Wellington (New Zealand)
  10. Miami (United States)

Article Source: NZHerald, November 20, 2018

Image Source: Wikipedia

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