Wellington: It’s a Wee Bit Different

“Not everyone wants to dream big. Sometimes, people who dream small can be just as inspiring,’ writes The Australian’s Necia Wilden. She is referring to Graham Joe, owner of little store Gelissimo gelato on Wellington’s waterfront, who is “not in expansion mode” even though his ice cream is as good as it gets.

“If you expand too much there’s no time for creating. In fact I’m thinking of scaling back even further. The important thing is to handcraft the product, to peel the fruit ourselves, to always be there for our customers, not in some back office somewhere doing the paperwork,” said Joe.

What might be surprising to some seems to be “a very Wellington state of mind.” “Take one of the foodies’ walking tours that rewards your effort with something delicious around every corner and you’ll meet people who have stories, rather than business plans,” writes Wilden.

“Wellington is can-do. Wherever you go in this three-university town, you find innovation, enterprise, youthful zeal — and coffee. Specialty, crop-to-cup, sustainable, direct-trade, artisan, best-in-New-Zealand, coffee.”

Here’s Wilden’s quick guide to some of the best places in Wellington to eat and drink.

  • Flight Coffee Hangar: “A quick chat with owners Nick Clark and Matt Graylee at Flight Coffee’s warehouse cafe will have you thinking coffee is the most fascinating product on the planet,” writes Wilden.
  • Loretta: Locals say you can get the best food in Wellington here.
  • Havana: Set across two rooms of an 1800s cottage, Havana delivers tapas alongside the full Cuban-channelling experience (coffee, cigars, rum and oodles of atmosphere),” according to the article.
  • Salty Pidgin: “Aside from its peculiar name, Salty Pidgin has impressively wide frontage, acres of glass and a pared-back room that suits its accessible modern bistro/wine bar aspirations.”
  • Poneke: Wellington chef-at-large Martin Bosley writes the menus and sources the fish at Poneke on Clyde Quay Wharf.

Wilden also outlines her top picks from this year’s Wellington on a Plate event program in the article. To read her recommendations click here.

Article Source: The Australian, Necia Wilden, July 11, 2016

Image Source: Facebook – Havana Coffee Works

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