Walking the Wet

Fiordland’s Hollyford Track “lacks the traffic of Milford Sound” according to The Sydney Morning Herald’s Jenny Tabakoff who tramps the Valley in a guided tour on a particularly damp three days. Delivered by a bus from Queenstown Tabakoff describes: “A few metres after passing the sign proclaiming the start of the Hollyford Track, the isolation is complete: the mountains immense, the trees towering and thickly green, the river (and narrow path) a tumble of water. We always knew we were going to get wet. The only surprise is how wet. Day one is the hardest and longest day … On day two, we walk a ‘mere 12 kilometres’ … Day three dawns clear and bright. The jetboat transport us to the coast, where we walk seven kilometres through dunes straight out of Lawrence of Arabia.” The Hollyford Three Day Wilderness Journey is an all inclusive guided walk available from late October through to April.

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