Visit the City Reinventing Itself with Art

For those fancying a long-weekend getaway in Christchurch, the Guardian recommends the best places to stay, eat and visit, “touring the extraordinary renewal of the city that survived an earthquake”.

“There’s no camouflaging the damage,” Van Badham admits, “but the transitional nature of the city’s new geography has given it new life. Bring your cameras and walking shoes; a weekend in the re-emerging capital of Canterbury is a treat for all lovers of the visual.

“What has sprung up in the ruins, however, are creative solutions to improvised infrastructure, as well as an enthusiastic campaign to transform what remains into an extraordinary public art gallery.

“As a city determined to not lose sense of itself despite missing most of its landmarks, there’s an impressive number of festivals and activities going on.

“If you can make it to Christchurch before 23 March, you’ll enjoy the fantastic privilege of seeing Canterbury Museum’s innovative Rise/Oi You! exhibition of street art.

“As you explore the Oi You! artworks street by street, you’ll also notice the number of public art spaces and projects supplied by Gap-Filler – community-led creations to reinvigorate the city’s empty spaces. On my visit, these included a sprung public dancefloor with stereo system you could program with your iPod, an obstacle-course gallery, some guerrilla gardens and, most spectacularly, a free nine-hole mini-golf course set up across the city (pictured).”

Original article by Van Badham, The Guardian, February 28, 2014.

Photo by Van Badham for Guardian Australia.

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