Stewart Island One of Business Insider’s Must Visit Islands

With the help of “some of the most influential travel bloggers and experts”, Business Insider Australia compiled a list of 100 breathtaking and memorable lesser-known islands”. New Zealand’s Stewart Island is one of them. Alison Millington reports.

“For nature and wildlife lovers, there’s nowhere quite like this. It’s home to the world’s highest concentration of kiwis (birds!) and has a permanent population of only 380. Feeling overcrowded will certainly not be a problem here,” said Caroline King, Travel Designer at Vivid Travel.

UK Travel Editor for HolidayPirates Gem Bowles said:

“Known as the ‘anchor stone of the Maori’s canoe,’ this small island lies at the south of NZ and is one of the best places in the whole country to spot wild kiwis.”

Other islands featured include Reunion Island, the Egadi Islands (Italy), Dutch island Curaçao and The Azores (Portugal).

Article Source: Business Insider Australia, Alison Millington, September 27, 2018

Image Source: Flickr – Mikigroup

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