Spaceman Fires up West Auckland Pupils

NASA aero-engineer New Zealander Mana Vautier, who works at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, is developing guidance systems, flight simulations and navigation controls to train NASA flight controllers. Vautier’s designs allow safer space travel and accurately calculated flight projection paths.

Last week, Vautier made a special video conference call to Waitakere pupils at Fruitvale Primary, Nga Kakano School and Waipareira Trust’s alternative education unit, Amokura, as part of their digital class accessing worldwide resources.

Fruitvale Primary has a partnership with Waipareira’s digi-service initiative which aims to connect every child with digital media, allowing them to dream big.

It is also piloting a digital classroom where pupils use iPads to broaden learning opportunities.

Vautier, who was born in Lynfield and grew up in Hong Kong, spoke with pupils about working toward achieving his dream of becoming an astronaut.

Isla Potini, 10, said the class just finished a study on science and forces of movement and she was inspired by Vautier’s speech.

“He’s very passionate about not only achieving his dreams but helping children work hard towards theirs as well,” Potini said.

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