Snapping Up Stereotypes

Auckland comedian Andre King, who recently took to the stage in Bangkok and Phuket as part of an international comedy festival in Thailand, spoke to the Bangkok Post about his act, New Zealand humour and why he loves stereotypes. “As far as I am aware, stereotypes are stereotypes because they are truisms of culture that actually exist,” King told the Post. “I try to find the positive in the stereotype and look for the comedy nuggets of gold that generally lie just beneath the surface.” The Post asked King about the difference between New Zealand and British humour. “The major difference between the two audiences lies primarily in their responses to certain kinds of humour,” King said. “New Zealand audiences are typically a little more forgiving than British audiences.” King has performed as a magician and musician. His world tour will be completed in 2013 after tackling the Canadian Fringe circuit and the US comedy circuit.

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