Return of the Yeti Hand

Adventurer and Air New Zealand pilot Mike Allsop is in Nepal to return a replica of what some believe is the hand of a yeti to a remote monastery in the Everest region. Allsop flew from Kathmandu to the Everest region to take the models to Pangboche Monastery, which sits at 4,m. The originals were stolen from the monastery in the 199s. “I will take these replicas back to the monks so they can replace the ones that were stolen,” Allsop told the BBC. Allsop said that he decided to make replicas of the hand and skull after trekking in the Everest region and approached Wellington’s Weta Workshop. Allsop hopes that they will now be able to attract more trekkers to Pangboche, who will pay a small fee to see the artefacts. “I want to help the monastery have an income again — I want to help them out.” Allsop climbed Mt Everest in 27.

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