Paint Maker Cassandra Ellis Tells Stories in Tones

There’s a very particular harmony in the South London home of Cassandra Ellis. Inside, the atmosphere is of preternatural calm. For anyone familiar with Atelier Ellis, the independent paint company (originally called Ellis Paints) established by the New Zealand-born creative in 2018, this comes as no surprise, Aimee Farrell reports for Financial Times.

Renowned for her sensitivity to colour, Ellis approaches the world of paint with an artist’s eye. In a crowded and often statement-orientated market her aesthetic, embodied in the annual colour collections she conjures and produces by hand at her studio in a former Victorian laundry house in Battersea, is of quiet beauty, Farrell writes.

“We all have personal associations with colour. It’s about giving yourself permission to choose,” Ellis says. If tones can tell stories, the key to finding yours is not on Instagram, but within.

Original article by Aimee Farrell, Financial Times, June 5, 2022.

Photo by Martin Morrell.

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