One-of-a-Kind NZ Accommodations

“New Zealand is a unique destination that’s home to epic alpine scenery, glacial lakes, lush forests, beaches and fiords, not to mention home to the set of Middle Earth,” writes Chelsea Davis for TravelPulse.  In addition to outstanding hiking trails, adventurous sports, activities for adrenaline-seeking visitors and Maori culture which make up the distinctive “Aotearoa” experience, “there is an eclectic variety of one-of-a-kind accommodations to stay at when visiting the Land of the Long White Cloud.” TravelPulse rounded up five of the most outrageous must-see hotels.

  • Seascape, Annandale

The tagline “Stay where the world can’t find you,” already suggests “you’re in for a secluded, intimate experience”. Situated on the north side of Banks Peninsula, Annandale is the perfect romantic getaway. “Seascape is an ultra-modern, sleek retreat that offers unobstructed views of the private Whitehead Bay and its coastline,” writes Davis. Keep an eye out for local fur seals or the jovial Hector’s dolphins.

  • Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses, Kaikoura (pictured)

“Opened in 2003, Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses are located at the base of the Kaikoura Seaward Mountain Range, near the rugged Kaikoura coast and famed Mangamaunu Bay,” reports the article. “The lodge’s five tree houses are nestled in the canopy of a native Kanuka grove and are designed to merge seamlessly with the natural environment. Large windows allow for pristine views of Kaikoura’s dramatic mountains and the Pacific Ocean.”

  • PurePods

“If you’re looking for the ultimate escape from reality within New Zealand’s natural landscape, PurePods is for you.” It’s perfect to completely unplug as there’s no Wi-Fi, movies or TV. “PurePods accommodation is a first-of-its-kind glass structure made for two. Once you step into your hut, you’re completely surrounded by nature, as the pod is entirely made up of glass walls, roof and floor,” writes Davis.

  • SiloStay, Little River

“Located in the serene, peaceful area of Little River, Banks Peninsula, large metal silos most often used to store grain have been redesigned and transformed into upscale accommodations unlike any other,” writes Davis. At SiloStay each two-story individual unit is eco-friendly and approximately 8.7 meters high and includes an upstairs queen bed, downstairs kitchen and living area.

  • The Jailhouse, Christchurch

“Built in 1874, Christchurch’s The Jailhouse previously served as a men’s prison, women’s prison and a military camp.” Now refurbished the former jailhouse opened as a hostel in 2006 and has become very popular with backpackers, as reported in the article. “Within the hostel, original jailhouse features can be found, adding to the experience.”

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Article Source: TravelPulse, Chelsea Davis, July 26, 2017
Image Source: Twitter – Hapuku Lodge

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