NZ Escape Octopus Immortalized In Kids Book

“How many stories about octopuses escaping from their confines can there be,” writes Jacqueline Cutler in an article published on When she was one page into the kids book “Inky’s Great Escape” the story seemed familiar.

Inky’s Great Escape, written by Casey Lyall and illustrated by Sebastia Serra, “makes for a delightful re-imagining of the restless octopus that broke out of the National Aquarium of New Zealand last year,” writes Cutler.

After arriving at the aquarium, which he sought as a rest in between adventures, orange octopus Inky brags to his tank mate Blotchy about a previous escape from the aquarium.

Tank mate Blotchy then dares Inky to “make another break for it”. After plotting “Inky’s Incredible Idea for Ingenious Escape,” the orange octopus does it again and “slithers to freedom down a drainpipe into the sea to international acclaim and the history books.”

Article Source:, Jacqueline Cutler, December 20, 2017

Image Source: Twitter – Casey Lyall

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