Houston Press reviews an exhibition by edge conceptual artist Julian Dashper at the Texas Gallery. ‘Unique Records’ is a collection of art-shrine sound-bites amassed during Dashper’s travels and presented on transparent vinyl discs. On Dashper’s aural art: “the cover of Blue Circles reveals that it was ‘Recorded in front of Jackson Pollock’s ‘Blue Poles, Number 11, 1952,’ 7th January 2002 Canberra, Australia’ […] What in all likelihood contains the sounds of a museum guard’s creaking shoes or the cacophony of a school group could potentially harbour drama – a domestic dispute exacerbated by abstract expressionist art or perhaps international espionage plotted under the cover of a public place. Maybe it is just long minutes of awkward and reverential museum silence interrupted by the occasional ‘My kid could do that.'”

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