A New NYC Neighbourhood

Commissioned by the New Zealand Consulate in the USA, designer Lydia Starkey illustrated a map of all the great NZ establishments in New York. The map, titled ‘Little New Zealand – A New NYC Neighbourhood” features 11 NZ establishments including The Musket Room and Allbirds.

Happy Bones (394 Broome Street) which is “one of the world’s best coffee shops according to Lonely Planet’s Best coffee shop book, is one of the places featured on the map. Happy Bones is described as “deeply rooted in New Zealand’s coffee culture combined with the Italian espresso bar and NYC scene.”

Known for their umbrellas’ “strong, durable, windproof and awe inspiring structural design” Blunt Umbrellas (71 Greene Street) is another establishment included.

“Samoan Skin Guru’” Nichola Weir’s Pacific Touch on 928 Broadway is also on the list. Weir is “adored and receives rave reviews of NYC’s beauty elite.” To see the entire map and all 11 NZ establishments, please click here.

“Lydia Starkey is an Illustrator and artist from London. She studied Illustration at the University of the West of England, Bristol and has since worked as a freelance Illustrator on a variety of projects for clients,” as outlined on her website.

Article Source: Lydia Starkey, May 2018

Image Source: Lydia Starkey

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